What is Internet Safety


Internet Safety is about protection from an ever increasing number of online threats. When the internet was new we were primarily concerned about Viruses and Hackers and in many peoples minds they still think these are biggest concern. The internet has evolved and so has the number and sophistication of the threats. Viruses are only one type of Malware (malicious software) that threaten your online safety and generally not the most dangerous.

The first viruses were written hackers and cyber vandals that were for the most part doing it for the challenge and notoriety. Most of today’s malware is created cyber criminals with specific goal of defrauding people or committing identity theft. Modern hackers are not your computer nerds sitting at computers with a pizza and a soda. Hacking is again for the most part the activity of professional cyber criminals and most hacking is actually performed by ‘bots’ or automated programs that go out on the internet looking for known vulnerabilities.

Professional crime syndicates have been moving into cyber space over the past decade and are becoming increasing sophisticated employing better social engineering techniques combined with data mining to create highly targeted scams that are increasingly targeting normal people. Sexual Predators, sociopaths and other sickos have also discovered cyberspace is a great place to find new victims.

Anti-malware and firewalls are an important part of your online safety protection strategy but alone will not protect you from even half of the potential threats. The only way to ensure your online safety is to become aware of the threats and know how to avoid them.